PURPOSE: To enhance the leadership and professional skills of the NBMBAA-Atlanta Chapter members to further build trust and improve engagement amongst the individuals they lead and support.


Women’s Leadership Summit: To empower women and provide insights on the path to becoming a successful, compassionate and resilient leader. 

The Business of Relationship for Leaders: Professional and personal relationship experts present best practices for cultivating long lasting and meaningful connections while leading teams or a business.  Obtain insights on traits, skills and competencies for establishing and maintaining relationships

Black Men’s Leadership Summit: to empower Black men and provide insights on the path to becoming a successful leader amid racial injustice. Leadership strategies will be provided to enhance their professional growth and development and tips on managing micro-aggressions.

C-Suite Conversations: CEOs or C-Suite executives discuss their professional and personal journey to their position. The goal is for the C-Suite executive to share their hurdles, success stories and methods used to acquire the highest seat in a business organization. Obtain insights on key executive leadership traits, skills and competencies.

DEI + YOU: Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives have made tremendous strides in some organizations over the past few years but there is still a ways to go in terms of equitable and fair workplace treatment and opportunities for underrepresented groups. Learn about the importance of an organization’s commitment and your role in diversity, equity and inclusion programs as it relates to cultural humility, inclusive leadership; workplace policies and procedures, inclusive work groups, recruiting and hiring, talent development; and pipeline efforts. 

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact programs@atlbmba.org